Suspender Types and Styles

The first thing you notice when arriving at our online store is all of the different types of suspenders we carry. We are known for our variety, in addition to our high-quality suspenders. For instance, we've got men's suspender styles, women's suspenders and kids' suspenders. But there are even more categories to see. You can browse our website to find business suspenders, casual suspenders and rugged work suspenders. And then you get to decide if you want to wear button or clip-on suspenders. You might also notice that there are design differences between X vs. Y suspenders.

In this video, our suspender expert, Dave, gives a brief overview of the many different kinds of suspenders you can find at SuspenderStore.

Different Kinds of Suspenders Video Transcription

Dave from SuspenderStore here to talk about different suspender types and styles. So, people are often surprised by how many different types and styles of suspenders there are. To keep this video a manageable length, I'm just going to touch briefly on each of the major categories. So, first, I'm going to list the categories that we have the site broken out into, and then I'll talk a little bit about each of them. Since we have videos for each of those categories, you can do a deep dive into any one of those categories and learn a lot more about them.

Broadly, the categories we break the suspenders into are: All-Purpose Suspenders, Dress Suspenders, Western-Style Suspenders, Big and Tall Suspenders, Work Suspenders, Skinny Suspenders, Undergarment Suspenders, Tuxedo Suspenders and Pattern Suspenders. Those are the major categories, and I'll give you a brief description of each as we go through this.

The largest category in types and styles would be our All-Purpose Suspenders. These are suspenders we've included in this category because they have the ability to be worn for a variety of purposes. For example, the Finger Clip Suspender like I'm wearing - these are thin clips about the width of your finger. These suspenders can be used to wear for work, to wear for casual wear and they can also go dressy. Here's a $15 to $20 suspender you can wear with a suit, for a wedding or a prom or just around the house or to work.

The same thing, in terms of versatility, can be applied to these Pin Clip Suspenders. They come in different widths - this is a bit of a dressy look for a Pin Clip Suspender - these are clips with pins in them that really anchor them to the pants. We also have some others that are all-purpose that are not quite as dressy.

The two-inch-wide Construction Clip Suspenders - these are heavy-duty clips and they can be worn for work or casual wear.

These Trigger Snap Suspenders can be worn for a variety of purposes. These hook to your belt loops.

We have Belt Clip Suspenders that you slide on - you wear with a belt. You get the dual support of the belt and the suspender.

These are airport-friendly plastic clips. They also have plastic adjusters. These can get you through metal detectors in high security facilities, also, TSA checkpoints. And interestingly, a lot of outdoor enthusiasts like to wear these. Skiers, hikers, bikers…because there's no metal on them, the plastic is totally rustproof.

These all-purpose suspenders, depending on the width, the thinner ones can be dress suspenders and the wider ones are more casual or workwear. We have huge lines of all of these types of suspenders, so check them out. They can work for a variety of purposes.

The next category we have are Dress Suspenders. These are the more fashionable, high-end suspenders. Usually, they cost more than the all-purpose suspenders but not always. For example, I'm wearing a 1.5-inch-wide elastic suspender, as I mentioned. Here's an 1.25-inch suspender in the same type of style. Once again, a $15 to $20 pair of suspenders that can look fine with a suit or dressy outfit. If you want to move up the scale on price, then you sometimes get into different materials or different patterns.

Here, we have what we call Satin Suspenders. These look like silk but they're actually all elastic. They still have a nice sheen to them. They're very comfortable and less expensive silk suspenders but they give you that same look. We have a line of these - about a half-dozen luscious colors.

We have a line of Plaid Suspenders in four different classic plaid patterns. A line of Jacquard Burst Suspenders as well as Jacquard Weave. The weave you may not see so well in the video but it's a type of weave that gives a pattern. This is small petite diamonds in this suspender. It gives the suspender some texture rather than just a solid color. Once again, we have broad lines of dress suspenders, so please check them out. Here's where you're getting up to the real high end.

These are Silk Suspenders - beautiful silk button suspenders. And many of these dress suspenders come in both button clip styles. Silk diagonal stripes. Here are some vertical stripes with a grosgrain cloth, and then many solid colors in silk and grosgrain materials. Please check out the dress suspenders. There are a lot of beautiful ones to check.

The next category we have are Western-Style Suspenders. Now, these suspenders tend to be heavy duty. They're leather, in most cases and they sometimes come in heavy-duty elastic. We have a wonderful line of what we call Rugged Comfort Suspenders. These are heavy-duty low-stretch elastic with long leather ends. They come with trigger snap or belt loop or button style attachments. They're great for work or work out on the range.

Then we have the Leather Suspenders. We have a beautiful line of hand-tooled Western leather suspenders that really are made just for us here. We've got plain black and brown, and many of these styles come in both black and brown colors. Here's a beautiful basket stamp pattern, a barbed wire pattern - one-inch width, 1.5-inch width. These usually also come with trigger snaps - sometimes with the belt loops or button attachments. And many of these can be special ordered.

The belt loop you run your belt through the loop in the suspenders, so you get the dual support of the belt and the suspender. They tend to be strong and rugged. They can be worn for daily wear and in some cases, for work out on the range, and some cases for a dressy Western look.

Next, we have Big and Tall Suspenders. Rather than lay them out on the table, I'll just show you one as an example. These are 60-inch long suspenders. These are suspenders for really big guys - generally guys between 6'9" or 10" or guys that may be a little shorter than that but really large of build. Most people who sell suspenders sell 52-inch or 54-inch suspenders and call those big and tall. But we just call those extra-large. We carry 60-inch suspenders and I don't believe anyone or very few people do at all. We have quite a nice line, and we're continuing to expand it, of those really large, big and tall suspenders that, for us, are 60-inch for the really big guys.

The next category would be Work Suspenders. Some of those Western Rugged Comfort Suspenders that we showed you just a moment ago would work great for work. But many folks like the non-stretch polypropylene suspenders. So, here is the classic work suspender, non-stretch polypropylene. They do have elastic in the back below the rear crosspatch. You need to have some elastic on the suspenders for fit and flexibility. Here's another example of non-stretch work suspenders. These have shoulder pads - we call these support suspenders.

Then, we have a whole line of logger suspenders. This is just a heavier, lower-stretch elastic than the normal casual wear suspenders. They're more heavy-duty, clip and button style.

Then going to the other extreme for work suspenders, we have a huge line of Skinny Suspenders. Where does skinny start for me? About an inch, but we also have 3/4-inch and 1/2-inch. Here's an example of a 1/2-inch dark pink suspender, and here's a 3/4-inch powder blue satin suspender. The thinner, skinny suspender tend to be liked by young folks and women. Although some guys like them too, especially when you're looking at the one-inch and 3/4-inch. They're great fashion accents in the skinny suspenders.

Another category are Undergarment Suspenders. These are more like an Ace bandage material. It's a lighter grade or lighter weight elastic. It's softer. Folks wear those under their shirts, often close to their skin. I still recommend wearing an undershirt with these, but some people wear them right up against the skin. So, they're a bit of a softer feel - undergarment suspenders.

Next, we have Tuxedo Suspenders. Now, this is a pretty self-explanatory category. These are suspenders you would wear with tuxedos. They look great with tuxedos and suits. There's a wide range of them. I'm wearing $15 to $20 plain elastic suspenders, and they will work well, most of the time, with a tux.

If you want to move up a bit, we have a line of satin suspenders that I mentioned earlier. Here are four of the other different colors. Burgundy, dark blue, black and red all look great with tuxes. They have a sheen. They look like silk but they're elastic, so they cost about half the price of silk. But we do have silk. We've got some nice silk dress tux suspenders. These have cloth ends. These are button style suspenders. The satins come in both clip or button style but these are runner ends - they are cloth ends that attach to your buttons.

So, we have silks. We also have cloth and grosgrain - the nice cloth, vertical stripe, very subtle black suspenders. They also come in white. So, once again, tuxedo suspenders are great for those special occasions.

The last style and type category we'll look at are Pattern Suspenders. This category is a little bit different than others, and these suspenders span different styles. But there are so many different patterns, we figured that they could have their own category. Most of them tend to be a little dressier. Some of them can be casual but, once again, they tend to be on the dressier end of the spectrum.

Some of the basic different types of patterns we have are stripes. Here are some beautiful silk stripes, diagonal. We've got a number of vertical stripes in all elastic. We have about four or five different polka dot color combinations. Nice argyles. These we have about four different classic argyle colors. Paisleys. Plaids - we've got four classic plaid patterns. We have a number of different check styles. And then this one has geometric patterns on it. So, it's a variety of different patterns.

That's a quick rundown of the different style and types of suspenders. Once again, we have videos for each individual category that I went over, so please go to the website. You can find any of those that interest you in our Video Library or any of the particular category pages for each of the categories. Thanks for watching SuspenderStore and enjoy all the different types and styles of suspenders.