How to Wear Sideclip Suspenders

Did you know that there are sideclip suspenders? Well, they're suspenders that clip on the side instead of the front or back. There's actually a large portion of the population that utilizes them for added support. If support is something that you're looking for, then you've got to take a few short minutes to watch "How to Wear Sideclip Suspenders" on YouTube.

Thanks to Dave from the SupenderStore, you will learn all about the ins and outs of sideclip suspenders. Did you know that they're actually nicknamed trucker's suspenders because they're a favorite with truck drivers? Are you pregnant and need a simple way to keep the maternity clothes from drooping?

Then, you've got to check out this YouTube video from the SuspenderStore. If you think about it, sideclip suspenders are perfect for pregnant women. There is even an undergarment sideclip suspender that is super soft.

Watch and find out the best way to wear sideclip suspenders, including the ones that are airport friendly.


Today we are going to talk about SIDE CLIP suspenders. What in the world are Side Clip suspenders you might ask? Well, they are suspenders that only have two clips instead of 3 or 4, and they slip onto the sides of your pants instead of on the front and back of your pants.

Why do Side Clip suspenders exist? It is because their configuration offers advantages to certain types of users.

The most common group of people to wear side clip suspenders are Truckers, so these suspenders are often called Trucker Suspenders. Think about a truck driver sitting in the Big Rig in the same position for hours and hours. Now normally you don't feel suspender clips on your backside, or on your belly, but if you are in the same position for hours and hours and are shifting around, it is possible to feel them. So having the clips on the sides eliminates that possibility. They also greatly reduce the chance that while getting in and out of the seat the clips might get caught on something and flip open.

Pregnant women also like Side Clip suspenders, especially the undergarment style.
While their bodies are going through changes the suspenders help them hold up their maternity pants. Undergarment suspenders look just like regular suspenders but the difference is that they are made of a softer material, very similar to ace bandage material, so that they are more comfortable if they are worn close to your skin. We have another video all about undergarment suspenders.

Another group of people that use side clip suspenders are people that have a medical condition where they cannot have the straps of regular suspenders crossing on the front or the back of their bodies.

Some people have issues with suspender clips scraping wood or leather furniture, so putting the clips on the sides helps there too.

So far we have talked about side clip suspenders that have conventional clips. We also have side clip suspenders that use what we call a belt clip. (see video). Essentially a belt clip is a plastic hook that slides onto your belt so you wear both the belt and the suspenders and you get the dual support of both.

And finally, some people just like the feel of a side clip suspender.

Most Side Clip suspenders are two inches wide. We feel that it is better to have them that wide because you are asking two clips to do the work of three or four, so there is more load for those two points to handle so the wider straps give more support.

Having said that, we have been getting a lot of requests recently for these in the 1.5 inch width so we will be offering them in that width as well.

So that's the inside and outside on side clip suspenders