How to Store Your Suspenders

You've discovered the joys of wearing suspenders, but now you're left with an age old problem. How do you store your suspenders? Well, this burning question can be answered quickly by watching the YouTube video, "How to Store Your Suspenders." After all, you don't want a tangle of suspenders in your closet fighting the ties and belts for more space. That gets ugly.

Dave from the SuspenderStore will show you some simple ways to neatly store your suspenders in your closet without having the annoying spaghetti overtaking the majority of storage space. You will love the simple do-it-yourself ideas that can help you to store your stylish suspenders so that they stay smart looking for years to come.

You'll learn how to utilize everyday items like Ziploc bags or a strong hanger around your home to neatly and effectively store your suspenders. Learn a really neat trick that doesn't take any more time than just hanging up a pair of pants.

Simplify your storage solution with our "How to Store Your Suspenders" video.


Today we are going to talk about how to store suspenders. We get questions from people all the time wondering what is the best way to store their suspenders. And when you have a lot of suspenders, if they get disorganized, they can be a real mess, like a whole lot of spaghetti!

We know of a couple ways to store suspenders, and some of them work for some types of suspenders and not for others. So lets go through a quick rundown of the different ways that we have seen to store different types of suspenders.

First we will talk about clip suspenders. If you want to keep clip suspenders in a closet one thing that you can do is hang them.

The most basic way would be to drape them over a rod in your closet, but that takes up a lot of space on the rod and they could easily slip off.

Let me show you something much more practical. I have seen a device that someone is selling on line that you clip the suspenders onto and it hangs on the rod on your closet. I can't remember it they sell it for $20 or $40, but here's the same thing for free.

Just take a Coat Hanger with decent quality strength, not one of these really cheap ones, and gently bend down the bottom in to a curve. Then clip the suspenders on. For most clips, there is a perfect gap between the teeth that fits over the wire. You don't want to have the clip actually be gripping the wire, that will wear a clip out.

Some pants hangers work pretty well too, but they can be more difficult to balance.

Here's another way, by using a Plastic hanger on a metal rod. This is how you often see suspenders displayed in stores. The trick is finding the plastic hangers. If they come with your suspenders, great, just keep them. We really don't see very many of those ourselves because our suspenders come in either loose, bagged, or boxed. You might be able to get some form a local men's clothing store.

We have also seen people put pegboard on their closet wall. You can use the plastic hangers on the pegs or use thin rods and slide the clips onto them. If you space the pegs properly you can slip the button attachments onto them.

Hooks on the wall can be used similarly.

A metal rod can be used for hanging trigger snap suspenders.

Now when you hang the suspenders you are putting them in a perpetual state of stretching. It is just gravity, but over time gravity wears us all down and it can shorten the life of the suspenders, but probably not significantly.

So how do you avoid that? Well, a totally different approach is the one that I usually use, which is to store the suspenders in a drawer, on a shelf, or in a box. And to do that you want to have the suspenders in a bag like this.

I just use some inexpensive zip loc bags and what you want to do with the suspenders is gently, I'll say fold them but it is between a fold and a roll, and slip them into the bag. You want them to be loose and comfortable in the bag. This way you can organize them and keep them from getting tangled up.

A funny thing that I hear regularly from people with button suspenders, is that they just leave the suspenders on the pants and hang the pants up in the closet. So they have suspenders that they have matched to the pants and wear them with those particular pants and a particular outfit. It saves unbuttoning and buttoning the suspenders from the pants!

So that's the lowdown on some different ways to store your suspenders. If you have other ways, please let us know!