How to Pick the Perfect Pair of Pin Clip Suspenders


Today we are going to talk about PIN CLIP suspenders.

At suspenderstore we recently added a line of pin clip suspenders. What are pin clip suspenders you might ask? Well, they are suspenders that have a pin or pins inside the clip. Here is a close look of the one that we are now selling - it actually has TWO pins in it to grip really well. Most pin clips in the market only have one pin.

Why would you want or need pin clips you might ask? Well, that is a good question. The short answer is that it can help the clips hold better. The pin goes into your pants and these clip aren't going anywhere. Does that mean that suspenders without the pin clips are not as good? No! Let me explain that.

All of the clip suspenders that we sell have good clips. We would not sell them if they were not good. And we would not be in business if our clips were not good. We pay extra to get the best clips on all of our suspenders. So then why would you get pin clips?

People buy them for a couple reasons. One reason is that they have had a bad experience with store bought suspenders that are cheap and usually made overseas with lousy hardware. So they then think that all clips are bad and that they absolutely need to have the pins in the clips for the clips to hold. They may not actually need them but they get peace of mind.

There are also some practical reasons why someone would want pin clip suspenders. They do hold really well. In fact, you could say that they hold better than any other clip. So they can work very well for certain types of users. Some examples would be really big guys.

If someone is really large of build, their body can put quite of bit of tension on clips. These work great for that. Also, if you are very active, especially if you are going to be brushing up against surfaces in your activities, where your suspenders or clips might come into contact, they were great there too.

You might just want the extra assurance that pin clips will give you. These are all good reasons to have them.

They cost a little bit more, but they do a great job.

So that is a sampling of our PIN CLIP suspenders. We hope that people enjoy them as much as we do, and if they do well, we will be sure to continue to expand the line.