How to Pick the Perfect Pair of Leather And Western Suspenders

If you ride, spend a lot of time in the great outdoors or simply love the look and feel of Western style clothes, you've probably thought about adding a pair of suspenders to your wardrobe. Well, if that thought has crossed your mind, pull up a chair and check out the YouTube video, "How to Pick the Perfect Pair of Leather and Western Suspenders."

The SuspenderStore is your go to store for everything and anything suspenders. They even have a series of YouTube videos hosted by Dave that answers all of those burning suspender questions. When you watch "How to Pick the Perfect Pair of Leather and Western Suspenders," you will discover all the amazing kinds of leather and Western suspenders available.

Did you know that many leather and Western suspenders use a trigger attachment? It's a super easy way to attach your suspenders to jeans. Dave will show you how to measure yourself so that you get the ideal size. After watching, you'll learn that suspenders can only be shortened and not lengthened, so size really does matter here.

Be sure to watch "How to Pick the Perfect Pair of Leather and Western Suspenders." If you're into leather, it will be an extremely satisfying eight minutes.


Today we are going to talk about Western and Leather suspenders. At SuspenderStore we pride our selves on having the largest selection of western and leather suspenders. And many of ours are handmade here in the US.

These suspenders are Rugged, built to last, and also look great, some of them are works of art.

Most of them are leather, but of course they all have some elastic on the back for flexibility, fit and comfort.

Some of them are low stretch heavy duty elastic, we call these our Rugged Comfort suspenders because they are so durable and also very comfortable.

These are tough, see how much I need to pull on them to get them to stretch.

Most of these suspenders attach with trigger snaps, also called scissor clips. These spring loaded clips are like the end of a dog leash, and they attach to the belt loops on your pants. They are the easiest suspenders to get on and off, and with the snap, they hold great, they aren't going anywhere.

We also have some of these suspenders that attach with belt loops, so you wear them with a belt and your belt runs through the loops.

One more attachment style is the traditional button attachments like on these.

Here are some examples of the beautiful patterns on our hand tooled leather suspenders:

Plain with Crease
Chain Stitch
Basket Stamped
Border Stamped
Barbed Wire

Some of these are available in a 1 inch width as well as inch and a half.

Here are the colors that we have available in our Rugged Comfort collection. And all of these are available in Trigger Snap, Belt Loop, or Button attachments.

Here are some examples of our machine made styles. These are designed in the US but made offshore. They cost about half what the hand made ones cost, and are very good values.

12 Gauge
Mossy Oak

One very important thing to know about these suspenders is that they have a narrow fit range. Most elastic suspenders have an adjustment range of about a foot. Most of these only have the buckle holes in the front, so they can adjust about 5 inches. So it is VERY important to measure yourself first before you buy. We want to save us both the time and money of returns and exchanges.

We have a whole video about measuring and sizing yourself for suspenders, but the quick answer is you measure a suspender from tip to tip. So for the trigger snap suspenders run a tape measure from your center rear belt loop, up and over your shoulder and down to a front belt loop. For the belt loop suspenders start at the bottom of the center rear belt loop and go to the bottom of one on the front. And for the button suspenders start in the middle of the waistband, where the buttons would be.

We have the exact measurements of each size western suspender in RED on the item pages on our website. So measure, check, and order.

So that is a rundown of our wide variety of Western Leather suspenders. Thanks for watching SuspenderStore, and as we say in the suspenders business, keep hanging in there!