How to Pick The Ideal Suspender Width

If you've ever wondered what the perfect width of a suspender is, then you've got to watch "How to Pick the Ideal Suspender Width" on YouTube. Dave from the SuspenderStore will give you the skinny on suspender widths and which ones are better for certain uses.

Did you know that suspenders can be as wide as two inches and as small as a half inch? Well, then take two minutes and watch. You'll learn the best width for preventing the embarrassing plumber's crack as well as what width is perfect for weddings and proms. How about ladies? A girl likes to wear a pair of suspenders every now and then and not just for an eighties throwback party. And let's not forget the kids. They look absolutely adorable in a pair of suspenders.

From dance troupes to fisherman to Wall Street, watch "How to Pick the Ideal Suspender Width" on YouTube and never be a fashion don't again.


Today we are going to talk about suspenders widths, and what is the best width suspender for your use.

At SuspenderStore we carry the widest variety of styles, lengths, and widths of suspenders of any retailer.

SuspenderStore carries a range of widths. Here is a sample of different widths, ranging from ½ inch all the way to 2 inches wide.

I am wearing a 1 inch wide suspender and Manny here is wearing a 1.5 inch.

As you can begin to see, the width of the suspenders has a lot to do with what the suspenders are used for. As a general rule, wider means more support and thinner means more style or fashion.

Let's start with the widest suspenders, the 2 inch wide ones. These suspenders are all about support.

We have several different types,

Work - see, these are non-stretch material, except for the section in the back. All suspenders need to have some elastic for fit and flexibility.
Here is another example of a type of work suspenders, Logger suspenders

Here are some 2" wide Casual wear suspenders.
These will give you great support. Solid -Novelties

Here are some 1.5 inch. This is probably the most popular width. They offer good support and can be used for casual wear and also for dressy events including weddings, proms, you name it.

Most of the business and dress type suspenders come in widths ranging from 1.25 inch to 1 3/8 up to 1.5 inch widths.

1 inch wide suspenders are popular with men and women, men who want something on the thinner side/ , one inch and ¾, more popular with Women and kids

Here are some leather dress suspenders, they are generally on the thin side.

Here are ½ inch wide suspenders. These are basically a Fashion accent. As you can see they are not going to give a lot of support, but they will help you stand out.

As a category, button suspenders are between 1.5 inches down to 1 inch wide, except for some heavy duty logger type suspenders.

So that's the skinny on suspender widths. If you have any questions, please call us at 800-393-4508 or 410-987-4212 email me at

Thanks for watching , and as we say in the suspenders business, keep hanging in there!

Suspenders to show:

Classic solid
Side clip
Novelties - 2 - 3

Polka Dot

1 3/8 Dressy


1 inch

¾ inch - Satin

½ inch

Kids Dinos

Leather western
1 inch

Dressy leather