How to Pick The Ideal Pair Of Tuxedo Suspenders

You've decided to outfit the groom and the groomsmen in tuxedo suspenders. It's an elegant look that really adds an element of style to any tuxedo whether you are in the wedding or attending a black tie affair. So, you how do you decide on the best pair of tuxedo suspenders? Well, it's pretty easy. Simply watch "How to Pick the Ideal Pair of Tuxedo Suspenders" on YouTube.

The SuspenderStore offers up a series of videos starring Dave that details the ins and outs of suspender wear and use including a great one on tuxedo suspenders. Did you know that there aren't specific suspenders for tuxedos? Watch and learn what the best types of suspenders to choose to complement your tuxedo are.

Of course, silk suspenders are the top-of-the-line choice in tuxedo suspenders. However, if your wedding or prom doesn't have a bottomless budget, you'll discover budget-friendly tuxedo suspender options that will look absolutely fabulous and won't break the bank.

There's enough stress when it comes to planning those major life events. Don't let picking the right tuxedo suspenders be one. Sit down and watch "How to Pick the Ideal Pair of Tuxedo Suspenders."


Today we are going to talk about TUXEDO suspenders. People who own or rent a tuxedo often like to wear them with suspenders. Suspenders really set off a tuxedo, they look great together.

So there are not really specific suspenders that are only tuxedo suspenders, its more that there are types of suspenders that go well with Tuxedos. We want to help you find them.

The first determination to make is are there buttons on the Tuxedo pants for button suspenders, or will you be putting buttons on the pants. If so you can wear button suspenders, or braces. If you will not be using buttons, then you will want to wear clip suspenders.

We have a good variety of suspenders in both the button and the clip style, although I will say that there are more Tuxedo type suspenders in the button style. But if you wear clips don't worry, we have some real nice ones for those too.

So what makes a suspender a Tuxedo suspender?

Mainly that they look great with a tux. We have a whole section on our website devoted to Tuxedo suspenders, you will find a lot of them there.

The easiest and most basic way to dress up a tux is to wear a nice black or white suspender. We have a number of those in different styles that go great with Tuxes:

Diagonal striped
Silks - solids
Silks - Paisley (solid with subtle pattern)
Sometimes it is great to throw a dash of color -
Red is the most common, but also Blue, Yellow, Green, and others can work well.

Then some folks want to make a statement or match other outfits, dresses, etc, so any color might be fair game, and we have the most colors that you will find anywhere

Clip - we do not as many but we do have a lot of good ones, including:

1.5 inch and ¾ inch
Bangkok Silk
Classic grosgrain
1.25 inch with drop clip
Brass clips
Basic newports

Thanks for watching!