How to Pick The Best Suspender Material

So, you want to wear a pair of suspenders. Well, what will you wear them for work? Play? A Wedding? Dance? If you need to know what is the ideal material for your suspenders, then you have to tune into "How to Pick the Best Suspender Material" on YouTube. This short video featuring Dave from the SuspenderStore will detail all of the different types of suspender materials.

Whether you want rugged or fine silk, you'll learn what the perfect type of suspender material is if you need suspenders for work support on the construction site or for the groomsmen in your wedding. Did you know there are leather suspenders? There are. So, check out this short two minute video to find the ideal suspender material for you so you don't end up on the fashion don't page or with your pants around your knees. Unless, of course, that is the look you were going for.

From guys to gals to kids, uncover what suspender material is the tops for the office or the dance floor. Yes, you can find just about everything on YouTube including the best material for suspenders.


Today we are going to talk about suspender materials. As you may know, most suspenders are made of elastic material. It is stretchy. That stretchiness enables it to fit to your body and to give you flexibility needed for movement.

Here are some examples of different types of elastic:

Rugged Comfort

Other materials include:

Leather, Silk, and cloths including Oxford, Grosgrain, non-stretch polypropelene
Show examples:

It is important to note that ALL of these suspenders have elastic on them, usually in the back below the rear cross patch. Once again, you need the elastic for fit and flexibility. Once in awhile we get someone calling and asking for all leather suspenders, or suspenders with no elastic. Imagine what that would be like to wear, it would be like being tied up, you would not be able to move.

So that's a quick rundown of the main materials that suspenders are made of.