How to Pick the Best Pair of Work Suspenders

Do you want to avoid the unsightly plumber's crack on the job? Well, if you're pants are riding too low because that tool belt is pulling your pants down, then you may need a high-quality pair of work suspenders to make sure they stay put. Now, don't worry about picking the right pair of work suspenders. All you have to do is watch "How to Pick the Best Pair of Work Suspenders" on YouTube and that crack is covered.

Dave from the SuspenderStore goes through a short video on work suspenders and how to pick the perfect pair for your line of work. There is a wide selection of work suspenders including reflective work suspenders that are an excellent choice for folks that work outside on road or rescue crews. Whether you need a pair of work suspenders for construction, logging or fighting fires, Dave will guide you to the ideal one.

He'll also explain why some folks think they need a pair of work suspenders, but actually only need a high quality, American-made pair of regular suspenders. Avoid the major fashion faux pa of wearing work suspenders under your suit jacket and watch the SupenderStore's YouTube video on finding the best pair to suit your line of work.

There isn't any reason to suffer the embarrassment of plumber's crack again with the SuspenderStore unless you want actually want to wear your pants to hang low on your rear.


Today we are going to talk about WORK SUSPENDERS. At SuspenderStore we have the widest variety of WORK suspenders you will find anywhere. What is a WORK suspender you might ask? Well a WORK suspender is typically wider suspender, made of a lower stretch more durable material, and with a very strong attachment mechanism.

The suspenders have these features so that they can perform better in heavy duty work environments. They often need to hold up heavy work pants, tool belts, tolls hanging on pants, you get the idea. Also they need to be rugged because they are often used in environments that can be harsh on clothes, and where there is a lot of movement.

So let's show you some examples of the wide variety of WORK suspenders that we carry.

At one end of the spectrum we have the classic WORK suspenders. These are non-stretch woven material. Now they do have elastic below the rear cross patch. All suspenders need to have some elastic for fit and flexibility. But these are mostly non-stretch. This is the strongest material.

These are the most popular suspenders for holding up heavy work pants and pants that have tool belts on them. You can't beat the non-stretch material for strength. We have them in a variety of colors.

When you wear these with tool belts you obviously need to have room to clip the suspenders on the pants above the belt. You never want to put suspender clips on anything thicker than pants material, like a belt. The clips are machined for the width of pants, anything thicker will wear them out.

Here is an even beefier version of the non-stretch work suspenders. We call these SUPPORT suspenders. They are the same as the other non-stretch WORK suspenders, except that they have shoulder pads. Obviously these help offer comfort with heavy loads.

Here is another take on the non-stretch suspenders. These are made of non-stretch reflective material, an obviously helpful safety feature. These come in both clip and button styles.

An important point regarding these non-stretch suspenders. We have people buy these all the time thinking that they need suspenders that are this strong. That's usually because they have bought cheap Chinese made suspenders that have no strength and wear out quickly. That is usually what you find in stores. All of the suspenders we are going to show you in this video are Made in America, in the USA.

So people sometimes buy the Work suspenders when all they need is a good quality, strong American made elastic suspenders. They may even only need one of our regular 2 inch wide quality elastic suspenders.

Elastic is generally going to be more comfortable than non-stretch. But, if they do need more strength, we have a variety of those to show you.

So moving down the stretchability scale from non-stretch we come to our Logger suspenders. These are all two inches wide. We have them in a variety of colors and they come with either clip or button attachments.

They are obviously popular with loggers, but they are great work suspenders for anyone. As you can see the elastic is relatively low stretch and very strong.

Speaking of durable low stretch elastic, we have our own line of these suspenders that we call RUGGED COMFORT suspenders.

This is the toughest, lowest stretch elastic you will find. But they are also real comfortable, that's why we call them Rugged Comfort. They also look great! They come with either Trigger Snap, Button, or Belt Loop attachments. We have a video all about them. If you order one of these, be sure to measure yourself first. We have a video all about that as well.

So here are some examples of our regular good quality elastic suspenders. For many people these will do fine holding up your pants in a work environment, or in any environment.

They have great clips, and the 2 inch width gives good support. We have them in about 20 solid colors AND we have some great work related Novelty suspenders. Here are some examples of those.

So the clips that we use are the best clips around. If they didn't do a good job we would not be in business. But for those folks who feel that they need a little more confidence, or maybe they are pretty large of build and their body can put extra pressure on clips, or if they just have a real heavy load to support, we have some of those same suspenders with pin clips in them.

As you can see, this is a strong clip, and it also has to pins in it to really grip your pants. These are not going anywhere.

For people who want to wear a belt with their suspenders, we also have BELT CLIP suspenders. We have a whole video on them, but basically you run a belt through the plastic clip on these. They can handle a belt up to about 1.5 inches in height. Law enforcement like these.

We also have these belt clips in a Side Clip style, as well as the regular clips with side clips. We have a video all about them. It is just a different holding pattern. Truckers in particular like these.

Finally, here are some very specific work suspenders, Firefighter suspenders. Our firefighting heroes wear these with their Bunker pants.

One last point before we go. Going back to the first non-stretch WORK suspenders that we talked about. People often have difficulty adjusting these when they first get them. I did myself. Here is how they come. What you need to do to lengthen them to fit you is move the adjuster down the material. But what you DON'T want to do is just slide it down. If you do, you will end up bunching the material up at the end and you will lose a few inches of the length.

What you need to do is work the material through as you move the adjuster. That way you will get all of the length of the suspenders. If you have any questions about that just call us.

So that's a quick review of all of the types of WORK suspenders that we have at SuspenderStore. Please check out some of our other videos as well and click the LIKE button if you do.

Thanks for watching SuspenderStore.