How to Make Suspender Adjustments

OK, so you've either brought a hot new pair of suspenders or got a job where you have to wear a pair of suspenders. Your excitement quickly turns to confusion when you realize your suspenders just don't fit right. Well, take a deep breath. Life is good. Learning how to adjust suspenders is easy. Simply take a few minutes or so to watch our helpful "How to Make Suspender Adjustments" video for a quick lesson about suspender clips and adjusters and how to use them to make your suspenders shorter (but not longer).

Dave from SuspenderStore demonstrates the way to properly adjust a pair of suspenders to make any outfit look awesome. Did you know that one size of suspenders doesn't necessarily fit all? It's okay. Dave explains why this is so to help you avoid common suspender fit mistakes.

You'll also learn that suspenders can only be shortened, not lengthened. And it's a main reason why you need to know more about adjusting suspenders. It is especially important to purchase the correct size suspenders to ensure you have the best length for your body frame. Dave also shows you how to properly use either the clip or loop adjuster to make sure your suspenders look exceptional. Additionally, if you have a clip adjuster that is stiff, don't send it back. Dave has a great tip that gets your clip adjustor opening and closing like a charm.

So sit back, relax and tune in to get your suspenders for work or play adjusted the way they should be.


Today we are going to talk about suspender adjusters, or the different ways that you can adjust the sizes of suspenders. We call the part that attaches to your pants a clip for clip suspenders, a button attachment for button suspenders and a trigger snap for trigger snap suspenders. We have a video all about the different types of suspender attachments.

All suspenders need a way of adjusting their size, which is their length. Basically, we measure a suspender from end to end, tip to tip. That distance, with the suspenders fully extended, is the length or size of the suspenders. We have a video all about measuring suspenders; it is probably our most popular video.

Most people know that suspenders are adjustable. Yes, they are, but you have to keep in mind two important points. One is that you can make suspenders smaller but not larger than their given size. They can only adjust down.

Second, beware of sellers who claim that since suspenders are adjustable that one size will fit everyone. Just think about that, it does not make sense given the vastly different body sizes that people come in. That is why SuspenderStore carries the widest varieties of sizes of suspenders anywhere. We are able to fit just about anyone.

So how do you adjust the suspenders? We will show you the different ways.

First, we have here the most common type of adjuster. This is a clamp adjuster. You flip open the clamp to slide it up and shorten the suspenders, and then when you get them to the correct length you press it down and close it.

Here are examples of this type of adjuster on two-inch-wide suspenders, one-inch-wide suspenders, and some dress suspenders.

These are great adjusters. There are a lot of lousy ones out there. You usually find them on cheap store-bought suspenders made in China. The vast majority of ours are made here in the U.S. and we use the best hardware.

You want an adjuster that will hold. You don't want it to slip. Sometimes ours can be a little stiff at first. If you get a stiff adjuster, open and close it a few times and it should work more smoothly but still hold great.

Here is an example of a side clip suspender. We have a video all about them. This one also uses the clamp style adjuster, and it just moves in a different range due to the shape of the suspenders.

Here is another type of adjuster that you find on certain types of suspenders. It is a slide adjuster. It is just a loop that the material is fed through. Most are metal, like on the work suspenders. Some are plastic, like on these airport-friendly suspenders that have all plastic hardware.

The metal adjusters work because the material is fed through double thick, so it grips into itself. The plastic one has a shaper edge to grab the material.

Most leather suspenders have a buckle style adjuster. They adjust like a belt, and you just open the buckle and move to the hole that you want, and then re-buckle.

You will find this on most leather dress suspenders and most western leather suspenders.

Some of the western leather suspenders also have a slide on the rear length of elastic like this.

So that's the long and the short of suspender adjusters.