How to Find the Perfect Pair Of Silk Suspenders

Who doesn't love the feel of silk? Why, you can even don a pair of silk suspenders. If you've always wanted to add suspenders to your work wardrobe or want your wedding party outfitted in the supreme decadence of silk, then sit down and watch "How to Find the Perfect Pair of Silk Suspenders" on YouTube.

The SuspenderStore isn't any stranger to silk suspenders. They actually have one of the largest selections of silk suspenders. Dave from the SuspenderStore will detail the alluring and stylish collection of silk suspenders. He will discuss how to wear them as well as how to choose the best pair of silk suspenders.

If you can afford the luxury of silk, then take the time to watch this informative video. When you're wearing silk, you want to make sure that you do it right. You can't miss with this SuspenderStore video. It will help you find the best silk suspenders to complement your work attire or add another level of elegance to your formal wear.


Today we are going to talk about silk suspenders. At SuspenderStore we pride our selves on having THE largest selection of SILK suspenders anywhere. Most of them are button suspenders but we do have a selection of silk suspenders with clips as well.

In preparing for this video I did a little research on Silk. It is an amazing material Most silk comes from a handful of moth species that eat and then go through metamorphosis on Mulberry trees. Silk is basically the material that the caterpillars use to cover their cocoon. It is then unwound off of the cocoons.

Silk is the strongest natural fiber. It is finer than a human hair but is as strong as an iron wire of the same diameter. Because silk breathes and is a good insulator Silk fabrics are comfortable in warm weather AND cold weather. The linear density of Silk is literally the standard by which all fibers are measured.

We know silk as luxurious and comfortable, and beautiful. Humans have been making garments from silk since the 4th century BC. Silk is lustrous, it reflects light, which gives it its shine. All silk starts white, and then is dyed different colors.

At SuspenderStore we have a wide variety of silk suspenders, the most anywhere. Lets take a look at some of the different styles.

SOLID colors
Clip and button
Herringbone pattern
Polka dots

We carry the full line of Trafalgar hand woven silks braces. These are all limited edition works of art. Only a small number are made and when they are gone they are gone. Here are some examples of those:

Most of the suspenders we have shown you so far are made in the US. Here are some silk convertible suspenders that are made just for us and imported from England.
These have both clip and button attachments. What you do is open up the snap at the end and take out the attachment that you DON't want and use the other. So this is another way to get nice suspenders for the clip suspender wearers.

So that is a sampling of our Silk suspenders. We have many more, so please come to the website to check them out.