How to Find the Best Novelty Button Suspenders


Today we are going to talk about NOVELTY BUTTON suspenders.

At SuspenderStore we carry a huge variety of novelty suspenders. By far the largest you will find anywhere. But, almost all of them are clip suspenders.

We get requests regularly from people asking for novelty button suspenders. Why should the clip wearers have all the fun?

It is very hard to find novelty button suspenders anywhere. So we decided to do something about it.

We have recently introduced the beginning of a line of novelty button suspenders. We have started with eight of our more popular patterns that we thought might appeal to wearers of button suspenders, or braces.

These all cost a very reasonable $15.95. They are all elastic, very comfortable, and Fun!

We also have a line of dressier novelty suspenders. These all cost $99. They are gorgeous vintage ribbon material, with some really cool patterns.

All of the patterns we have shown you in this video are also available with clip attachments.

So that is a sampling of our fun button suspenders. We hope that people enjoy them as much as we do, and if they do well, we will be sure to continue to expand the line.