How to Find A Great Pair of Belt Suspenders

Every day, someone, somewhere, is asking a question that many people want to know the answer to: "Can I wear suspenders with a belt?"

We're happy to say that you can absolutely pair a belt and suspenders together. However, you should know that this requires a special kind of suspender that's different from those that attach directly onto pants. If you're interested in learning about belt suspenders, take a couple of minutes to watch Dave explain them to you in our "How to Find a Great Pair of Belt Suspenders" video.

Get Style and Support with Belt Suspenders

This video is also for you if you need more support than a belt or a pair of suspenders can offer alone. In the video, you can see how this combination is going to look and you can learn about different types of belt suspenders as well. Even if you've never heard about wearing suspenders with a belt before, you are sure to come away with a clear idea of how you can add these suspenders to your collection of wardrobe accessories.

Now, if you work in law enforcement or construction, then you know why you need the added support of a belt and suspender together. However, when you watch Dave from SuspenderStore explain things, you'll understand why you can't take a regular pair of suspenders and just stick them onto your belt.

Watch the video to learn the ins and outs of belt suspenders, and the don'ts too. For example, Dave reveals why a thicker belt is a definite do and a thin one is a don't.

Folks who love suspenders, but don't quite have the dexterity to work the button or clip attachments, should watch too. Belt suspenders don't have those.

More Tips About Belt Suspenders from Dave

Today we are going to talk about belt suspenders. What is a belt suspender, you might ask? It is a suspender that you wear with a belt! Why would you do that? Well, you do it to get the dual support of a belt and a suspender. They can work very well for large guys who can benefit from both. They also have other benefits.

We also see them used when people want to hold up heavy pants or things that can make pants heavy. For example, law enforcement personnel like to use them to help support their belt, which is holding their gun. Or people who wear tool belts can find them useful.

Also, if people have strength or dexterity issues and have trouble working with a clip that they have to open and close, belt clips that have no moving parts can be helpful. The most common is the Perry belt clip. They come in 2-inch and 1.5-inch widths. We also have them in the side clip style.

It is important to wear a belt that is thick enough so that the belt clip grips sufficiently. A foolproof, strong type of attachment to wear with a belt is a leather belt loop, as can be seen on one of our Rugged Comfort suspenders.

So, that's a quick review of the different kinds of suspenders that you wear with belts. We hope you found this guide helpful.