How to Dress For Success with Business and Dress Button Suspenders

If you're looking to set yourself apart with a stylish and professional work wardrobe, then take five minutes to watch "How to Dress for Success with Business and Dress Button Suspenders" on YouTube. Yes, suspenders. They are the perfect fashion accent that adds that uptown element that you want to set you apart from the masses whether you are searching for a job or battling it out in the office trenches.

Dave from the SuspenderStore will show you the different types of business and dress button suspenders that are amazing fashion dos. You'll learn about silk and leather business and dress button suspenders that will help you make your mark. There is even a unique selection of silk suspenders that feature holiday motifs. Now, these are probably better suited in the work place for the boss. However, they also make for a great touch to your dress wear for weddings, reunions or other events where you need to put on the fancy dress clothes.

You really can go wrong with suspenders if you don't wear them right. So, let Dave help you find the ideal pair to make your professional wardrobe pop. Clothing is what people see first when you walk into the room. So make sure your style is a cut above the rest.


Today we are going to talk about Business and Dress BUTTON suspenders. SuspenderStore has the most business and dressy BUTTON suspenders that you will find anywhere, in a wide variety of materials, including SILK, GROSGRAIN and OXFORD cloths, Jacquard weaves, satin, leather, and good old elastic. If you need clip dress suspenders, please see our video about them.

Before making this video I went and looked at what we stock in business and dress button suspenders and I came up with well over 200 different styles of clip dress suspenders. So there is a great chance that we will have something exactly right for you!

Here are some examples of the wide variety of button dress suspenders, or braces as many call them, that we have at SuspenderStore.

Silk - we have a video all about them too.
Oxford cloth
Jacquards - Diamond - Check
French Satins
Leather - we have a video about them too.

Handwoven silks. We carry the full line of Limited Edition Hand Woven Silk suspenders. These are beautiful works of art, collector's items, as only a limited number are made and once they are gone they are gone.

So that is a sampling of the huge selection of business and dress button suspenders that we have at SuspenderStore. Please come to the website and check them out.