How to Choose the Right Trigger Snap Suspenders


Today we are going to talk about TRIGGER SNAP suspenders.

First, lets answer the question, what is a trigger snap. Well it is a way of attaching suspenders. It is a piece of hardware, it is spring loaded, very much like the end of a dog leash, which lets you attach your suspenders to belt loops on pants. They afe sometimes also called scissor clips.

It is probably the easiest way to attach and unattach suspenders from pants. It is by far the most common way to attach most western and western leather style suspenders. We have been carrying those for years, and SuspenderStore has the largest selection of western and leather suspenders that you will find anywhere.

But until recently they have not really been available on more conventional elastic suspenders. So at SuspenderStore we recently launched a line of elastic trigger snap suspenders. Now technically on these suspenders there is a swivel clip which has a slightly different design but works the same way. Here are examples of the ones we have started out with. We will probably add more colors over time.

There are a couple of things that you want to know about trigger snap suspenders.

First, they are all Y Back suspenders. That means they have a single strap coming down the back from where the front straps join on your back, and it makes the shape of the letter Y on you. So you need to have a rear center belt loop on your pants to be able to wear them. They are made as Y Backs because most pants do have a rear center belt loop. If they were made as X backs, the manufacturers would not know exactly where the belt loops might be on the pants so they would not know what angle to make the straps come down to.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the belt loops need to be of normal width, which is usually right about a half an inch. If your pants have super wide belt loops, like you sometimes see on some work or outdoors pants they won't work, the belt loop would be too wide for the trigger snap to grab on to.

So that is a quick rundown of the Trigger Snap suspenders that we carry at SuspenderStore.