Drop Clip Suspenders

Suspenders with metal clips are not all the same. In fact, there are four distinctive type of metal clips commonly used to secure suspender straps to pants. Knowing these clip differences can help you make informed decisions about the suspender types you choose from our vast selection. This time, we're going to be sharing valuable information about drop clip suspenders. At first glance, they may look similar to other metal clip styles. However, they do have their own unique functional qualities and there's no better person to help you learn more about drop clips and why they are used for specific suspender styles than Dave, our seasoned expert.

Watch the video to learn more.

Drop Clip Suspenders Video Guide Transcription

Dave from SuspenderStore here with Drop Clip Suspenders. So, what's a drop clip? Is it a clip that you drop? No, it's a clip that is dropped lower than normal. So, what you have is this little piece of leather between the material, whether it's elastic or cloth or silk, and the clip itself. The leather drops the clip further down - hence, why it's called the drop clip.

Now, we tend to see these on dressier suspenders. That leather piece is a nice, tasteful touch. So, you'll find these on our dressy suspenders like our satins, plaids like I'm wearing, argyles, jacquard weaves, grosgrain and also if you have any silk suspenders that have clips. So, the dressier ones will have the drop clip on them. It will also dress up just a nice basic elastic suspender like these 1.25-inch all-elastic suspenders. The drop clip tends to make them look a little dressier, so you'll find folks buying these for something like a wedding but it's still only a $15 or $16 suspender - so, it's a great deal!

The drop clip can do a lot to dress up suspenders and give you a great accent. Check out our huge selection of drop clip dressy suspenders at SuspenderStore.