Baby Got Back: X-Back VS Y-Back Suspenders

It's time to put an end to the age-old debate. So, you need to watch "Baby Got Back: X-Back VS Y-Back Suspenders" on YouTube. Now, thanks to the SuspenderStore, you get the complete rundown on this controversy. Dave from the SuspenderStore, which carries a wide variety of both X and Y back suspenders, will detail the pros and cons of both.

If you've been on the fence about purchasing a pair of suspenders to upgrade your work wardrobe, are outfitting a wedding party or really need a durable pair of work suspenders to stop those embarrassing cracks from forming, then you really need to take two minutes and watch. Then, you can decide which is more ideal for you, the X-back or the Y-back suspender.

Perhaps you simply want to weigh in on the great debate. Take a peek at "Baby Got Back: X-Back VS Y-Back Suspenders" and let the SuspenderStore know what your preference is.


Today we are going to talk about suspenders backs, - what is an X back suspender and what is a Y Back suspender?

Whether a suspender is an X back suspender or a Y back suspender is simply the shape that the suspender straps make on your back. Manny here is wearing X Back suspenders. They are called that because the two suspender straps cross in the back and make an X shape on the back.

This mannequin is wearing Y back suspenders. As you can see the two straps come from the front, come over the shoulders, meet at the rear cross patch and come straight down to the pants, making a Y shape.I am wearing button suspenders, they are also Y Back.

So is one better than the other? Well, it depends, they both have their uses. Most clip suspenders are X Back. The X shape gives you 4 attachment points, spreads the load better and gives the best overall support.

Most dressy button suspenders are Y Back. It is the traditional suspender design. Reasons why range from it was just easy to have the support in the center of the back so you did not need to worry about where to place the rear straps given that people have different body shapes, to it saved on materials costs.

Some dressy clip suspenders are Y Back. In my opinion they are trying to look more like traditional button suspenders. Also some casual suspenders are Y back. Some people just prefer the look of a Y back suspender. Some people feel that a Y back suspender gives them more flexibility to twist, although I have never really felt that it makes much difference.

If you can see the attachment on these leather suspenders, it is called a Trigger Snap. It snaps on to your belt loops. These types of leather and western suspenders are almost always Y Back, as are belt clip and belt loop suspenders, because most pants have a center rear belt loop.

So that's the basic Xs and Ys of suspenders.