Top 10 Halloween Costume Ideas Inspired by Our Favorite TV Characters


Halloween is your opportunity to let loose and have some fun with cool styles and accessories like suspenders. However, before you can do that, you need some ideas for creating costumes with suspenders. We know that finding good ideas may be a tad challenging when trying to think of Halloween outfits with fun suspenders out of the blue. That's why we're helping out with our SuspenderStore costume ideas guide. This time, we're using some favorite TV characters for inspiration. Some were based on featured characters in sitcoms and some of these ideas are inspired by cartoon characters who already come with their own, unique suspenders.

DC Cartoon Characters

Countless adults were introduced to two of the most admired DC Comics characters of all time thanks to their cartoon shows. Batman and Superman are equally iconic, and they forever spark our imaginations in various ways, including ideas for Halloween costumes. Dressing up as them in full costume isn't always desired or practical, so you can find subtle ways to embody the spirit of both superheroes.

  • Batman. This character is more on the moody side and he's also quite sophisticated when he's Bruce Wayne. Instead of doing the usual full superhero look, you can create a suspender outfit that embodies the understated sophistication of Wayne, the millionaire who just happens to have a compelling secret. Is he a fan of Batman or more than that?

One idea is to wear a black button-down shirt with black pants a yellow tie and Batman suspenders. Another idea is to wear a black suit with a white shirt, black bow tie and Batman suspenders.


  • Superman. The man of steel can easily transition from newspaper reporter to superhero when he wears a Superman shirt underneath a white button-down shirt paired with Superman suspenders and khaki pants.

Marvel Cartoon Characters

The Marvel universe is rich with fascinating characters. However, there are two characters who have been essential to cartoon shows featuring superheroes for decades: Spiderman and the Hulk. Consider costumes that blend their alter-egos with their superhero personas.

  • Spiderman. Peter Parker looks like a typical casually dressed teenager who simply wants to fit in. For Halloween, he'd like to show off a bit by wearing his cool Marvel Spiderman suspenders with jeans, a black T-shirt and sneakers.
  • Hulk. Dr. Bruce Banner and his alter-ego, Hulk, are both interesting and worthy of costumes. Why not combine the two and show a transition taking place? Grab a white T-shirt and cut holes in it and pair that with green suspenders, slacks and a white lab coat with a name tag. Using body paint to create green skin is optional but it makes the character more realistic. Remember to seal it so it stays on!


This lovable alien is one of the quirkiest characters to ever get his own TV show. He also likes wearing suspenders with comfortable khaki pants. You can quickly become Mork by wearing colorful rainbow suspenders with a white or gray T-shirt or a striped black and red shirt.

Steve Urkel

Steve is the ultimate TV nerd character, and you can have a blast creating your own Urkel costume. Start with a plaid shirt or striped shirt with red in the color mix and pair that with red suspenders or yellow suspenders. Add rolled up jeans, quirky socks and thick glasses.

Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse comes to mind when you want to create Halloween costumes with red pants. In addition to the pants, you need a black shirt, Mickey Mouse suspenders, white gloves and those iconic mouse ears.