Create a Lumberjack Costume on a Budget


Occupations that have a long, storied history behind them can also be the inspiration for a cool Halloween costume. One occupation that has achieved iconic status thanks to tales like Paul Bunyon is lumberjacking. Lumberjack outfits are easy to create, and you may already have tops and/or bottoms to wear as part of the costume. If not, you can easily find them at your local clothing store. Accessories, such as suspenders, also help make any lumberjack Halloween costume look more authentic. Also, this is definitely one of those popular costume ideas for men that look just as appealing on women.


  • Beanie hat
  • Fake axe
  • Work boots

Guy's Lumberjack Costume

Costume ideas for men don't have to be elaborate to be impactful. The reason why you may like being a lumberjack is because this costume idea is a simple one to pull together. The classic lumberjack outfit consists of a colorful plaid shirt. Red and black is the most popular shirt combination followed by blue and black. Shirt sleeves are typically rolled up a little or a lot, depending on your preference. Bottoms are a pair of blue jeans or black jeans, either color suits the look as long as the jeans have that "lived in" look. Make sure those pants stay up by wearing a pair of sturdy red or black suspenders.

Choose any of these three suspender styles:

Women's Lumberjack Costume

Becoming a temporary female lumberjack can feel empowering, and you can decide if you want to create a women's lumberjack costume with classic or sassy appeal. The classic look is similar to the men's costume. You can choose to wear a red plaid shirt by itself or over a black T-shirt. Find a pair of well-worn jeans in your wardrobe to pair with the shirt. Tuck the shirt inside of the jeans and slip on a pair of red suspenders or black suspenders for authenticity.

The sassy female lumberjack may choose to substitute regular jeans for jean shorts or a denim mini skirt. Instead of work boots, pick knee-high black boots or high heels.


Lumberjack Couple Costume

Going to a Halloween party or event wearing a lumberjack couple costume of your own making is a lot of fun. You can choose cheap and simple or slightly elaborate, depending on how much effort you want to put into it. For the least effort, go for exact match looks with both of you wearing the same style and color plaid shirt, same wash and shade of jeans and same color and style of suspenders. Or you can choose complementing color themes without each element being exactly the same. For instance, one person wears black suspenders and another wears red suspenders.

For couples who want to be more elaborate, the tree and lumberjack couples' costume is a popular alternative look. One person follows the above suggestions for the lumberjack look. The other can create a tree costume by adorning a dress or top and shorts with faux leaves. If you're creative at making costumes, design an authentic-looking tree trunk with a hole cut out of the "bark" for their face.

An alternative to the above two ideas is one that is sure to turn heads. Have the female partner dress like a rugged lumberjack and the male partner dress up as Little Red Riding Hood (complete with a basket of goodies).