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Conchos for Sonny Boy Leather Suspenders
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Leather Strips - Brown
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Leather Strips - White
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Buttons & Leather Strips

Switch to the classic look of button-on suspenders with our buttons and leather strip accessories at SuspenderStore. This style in braces will look as fashionable with a denim shirt and your favorite pair of jeans as with that smartly tailored business suit.

Choose from five colors in our traditional suspender buttons. They're available in black, dark brown, khaki, navy blue and white. All you need is a needle and thread to sew on these 5/8-inch buttons. If you're all thumbs with a needle and thread, just click on our How to Sew Buttons on Pants guide.

Also consider our no-sew EZ suspender buttons that are available six to a set in permanent and removable makes. All you need is a hammer to attach our permanent no-sew buttons. Push one side through the pants material. Tap with the hammer to join both sides of each burnished brass tone button set. For those who want the flexibility to switch suspender buttons from one pair of pants to another, our removable EZ no-sew suspender buttons are the right choice. These nickel tone EZ buttons clip on and clip off your pants. You can also wear these buttons inside or outside your trousers.

When you've worn out the leather strips, also called moustaches, on your favorite pair of button-on suspenders, we have replacements. Choose brown, black or white button suspender leather strips. If you've got questions, click on our suspender style guides. Or, contact our staff experts for free, friendly guidance.