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Hand Woven Silk Suspenders



Like a fine watch or a custom-made suit, purchasing a pair of handwoven silk suspenders is an investment that will stand the test of time and never loses its appeal. Our line of fine silk suspenders truly captures what fine should look and feel like. Each pair is made from 100 percent pure silk and is handwoven on looms using traditional weaving techniques. This labor-intensive process results in suspenders that are intricately detailed and infinitely higher in quality. Everything from the genuine suede leather tabs and cross patches, to the touch of elastic in back give these wonderful braces a timeless aesthetic and comfortable fit.

What makes these handwoven suspenders such a collector's item are the richly detailed patterns, the vibrant uses of color and the limited quantities which are produced. Braces such as Opening Day Limited Edition suspenders capture the mood and feeling of watching a baseball game. The vibrant range of light and dark shades and tones give the suspenders an almost 3D look with a player reaching out his glove to catch a fly ball and a player stealing a base. We offer many different themes of handwoven braces, from Its All Greek to Me (featuring a series of iconic images of Greek gods and goddesses) to High Strung Limited Edition Braces (featuring whimsical marionettes) to Checkmate (chess-themed braces). The range of prints we include in our assortment allows gentlemen to express sides of their personality. The eye-catching patterns also make it easy to add distinction to an ordinary suit. Select the one (or two) to become your signature look, but be sure to buy them when you see them, since these braces are produced in limited quantities and specific patterns are available for short periods of time.

These upscale suspenders made from handwoven silk can be worn to a myriad of formal events and on occasions when the dress code is formal and elegant. Wear them in business settings and for the ultimate in fine attire, wear them with a custom-made suit and luxury watch for a sharp-looking, distinguished ensemble.