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Military Suspenders


Military SuspendersHonor the men and women of the US Armed Forces with our collection of military suspenders. Whether you're a current member of the military, are a veteran (we thank you for your service) or are a family member, we are sure you'll be pleased with our collection. Our inventory of military suspenders pays homage to the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps. Each of our armed forces suspenders includes the insignia of the military branch on a contrasting, solid-color background. They're available in three sizes - 42", 48" and 54" - and fit most people up to 6'5" tall. Measuring 2" wide, they're made from durable elastic and feature a durable leather cross patch. These versatile suspenders look as sharp with jeans and a button down as they do with a tux on a formal occasion.

You might also like our camouflage suspenders which replicate the disguising pattern worn by military personnel. They're durably-made and help you blend into your surroundings whether you're hunting, bird watching or enjoying other outdoor activities that require you to remain concealed. Choose from Real Tree, Woodland, Shadow Grass and other patterns.