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How to Properly Wear Undergarment Suspenders

If you've never heard of undergarment suspenders, you're probably not alone. Who knew that you could wear suspenders under your clothing? If you're curious or just want the skinny on undergarment suspenders, then you've got to watch "How to Properly Wear Undergarment Suspenders" on YouTube.

Perhaps you crave the added support of suspenders, but feel uncomfortable wearing them the conventional way. Well, let Dave from the SuspenderStore detail the four different kinds of undergarment suspenders and how to wear them correctly so you don't end up as a fashion don't.

For example, did you know that if you wear undergarment suspenders, you can't tuck your shirt in? Dave will tell you the best styles to wear with undergarment suspenders as well as the ones to buy if you'll be traveling via air. Now, you don't want to be setting the metal detectors off and have to strip down to your undies to board a plane, just watch "How to Properly Wear Undergarment Suspenders." Dave and the SuspenderStore will keep you covered.


Today we are going to talk about UNDERGARMENT suspenders. What are undergarment suspenders? Well, they are suspenders that you wear under your shirt.

Why would you want to do that? Some people do it because they don't want the suspenders to show, whether for personal reasons or because they don't think that that suspenders work with their outfit. We, of course think that suspenders are very cool and can set off just about any outfit. But it's a free country and people can do whatever they want. There are also a couple other practical reasons that people wear them and we will get to those.

What makes a suspender an undergarment suspender? It is the material. The material on these suspenders is softer than normal suspender elastic, so it is more comfortable if you are wearing these close to your skin. It is like Ace Bandage material. So it is also a little more stretchy than normal elastic.

Some people wear it directly on their skin but I recommend still wearing an undershirt under them for best comfort.

We carry four types of undergarment suspenders. We carry X Back clip suspenders with both regular metal clips and plastic Airport Friendly clips, and we carry Side clip suspenders with both regular metal clips and Airport Friendly Clips. If you want to learn more about Airport Friendly suspenders and Side Clip suspenders we have videos about both.

Basically side clip suspenders clip to your sides instead of the front and the back of your pants. They are preferred by truckers and women for maternity wear, as well as some other groups.

The Airport Friendly suspenders have plastic clips so that they can go through metal detectors in airports or high security facilities and not set off alarms.

One thing to note about the undergarment suspenders is that because they do clip to your pants, you can't tuck your shirt in over them, so you will need to either wear an untucked shirt or an untucked sweater.

A final note, pretty much any suspender can be worn as an undergarment suspender. The only thing different about these is the softer material. If you are large, or need to hold up heavy pants, you might find that you need a stronger elastic so you should wear regular elastic suspenders, even if you wear them under your clothes. They don't feel all that much different, especially if you wear an undershirt.

So that's the over and under of Undergarment suspenders.