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How to Find The Best Pair of Leather Dress Suspenders


Leather suspenders are a classic throwback that never goes out of style. This versatile wardrobe accent is super sexy. If you're looking to give your wardrobe a shot of adrenalin, then hold onto your seat and watch "How to Find the Best Pair of Leather Dress Suspenders" on YouTube.

The SuspenderStore is the name in suspenders and they have a wide variety of leather dress suspenders. To find out just how many, watch the YouTube video. Dave from the SuspenderStore will detail all the different types of leather dress suspenders.

Did you know that a great pair of leather dress suspenders can go from a pair of jeans to a suit? Yes, you can really jazz up your wardrobe by adding a pair of leather suspenders. Decide whether you want the traditional button attachment or something more modern.

Dave's got all the answers when it comes to leather dress suspenders including how to measure yourself for a pair. So, don't wait. Pull up a chair now!


Today we are going to talk about Leather Dress suspenders. At SuspenderStore we pride our selves on keeping an eye out for the best variety of leather dress suspenders.

All of the leather dress suspenders that we carry come in both clip and button styles. Here is a rundown of the most popular styles.

Herringbone braided leather

The Herringbone braided leather style is probably the most classic style of leather suspender. They are ¾ inch wide and can set off any outfit, from a suit to jeans. They come in classic Brown or Black.

Here is the button and the clip style.

Buckle Strap leather

These buckle strap leather suspenders can go both dressy or a little more rugged, even to a western look. They are one inch wide with a buckle on the front for adjusting. They come in Brown and Black as well.

Here are the highest end leather dress suspenders that we carry -

Here is a basketweave braided leather style, ¾ inch wide, with a slightly wider braid than the herringbones. These come in three colors, Dark Brown, a Medium brown, and Black. As you can see, these suspenders have both clip and button ends on them. They are convertible. They way they work is that you just open this snap and take out the attachment that you DON'T want, and leave the other one in.

These are one of my favorites, the Plain leather dressy suspenders. Like the basketweave braided, they come in three colors, AND they are also convertible.

So that's a quick view of some of our Leather Dress suspenders at SuspenderStore.

We've got some others and we are always looking for more, please come to the website and check them out.

So thanks for watching SuspenderStore. Please check out some of our other videos as well.