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How to Find A Pair Of Airport Friendly Suspenders

Don't let the fear of setting off the metal detectors at the airport force you to forgo wearing suspenders. Spend two minutes and watch "How to Find a Pair of Airport-Friendly Suspenders" on YouTube. Dave from the SuspenderStore will explain exactly what airport-friendly suspenders are.

You'll learn how easily they attach to your pants, but these no-buzz suspenders aren't just for the avid traveler. Folks that need suspenders for sports like biking and fishing love the airport-friendly suspenders too. Why? Well, watch and find out.

You'll even discover that there is such a thing as a no-buzz belt. Now, if you've ever had to strip at an airport checkpoint, then this YouTube video really is a must-watch.

There are even undergarment suspenders that feature the non-metal clips. Did you know that pregnant ladies love undergarment suspenders to help hold up their maternity pants? with the airport-friendly clips, only you will know you're wearing suspenders.


Today we are going to talk about Airport Friendly suspenders and Belts.

What is an Airport Friendly suspender, you might ask?

Well, it is a suspender that you can wear and get through metal detectors at airports and other high security facilities. There is no metal on it, so you don't set off metal detectors.

Here is how they came about.

After 9/11 the issue became how do you go through airport security without suffering the indignity of having to hold your pants up because you had to take of your suspenders that had metal hardware on them

So we came up with these Suspenders that do not have any metal. We also have metal free belts.

Also you can wear the belt clip suspenders with the buzz not belts.

We also have them in the Undergarment style.

We call them Sport and Airport suspenders. Bikers, Skiers fishermen, sports enthusiasts like them. In wet or sweaty environments, there is nothing to rust.

Another group of people who really like these are older people who have strength and dexterity issues.

In addition to airports, these suspenders are also popular at High security facilities like Courthouses and Warehouses.

These suspenders have been very successful. But the TSA's security protocols are constantly changing. There is always a chance that they may make you take them off, so there is no guarantee, but we only get about one call a year from someone who had a problem, and we sell a lot of these.

If you have any more questions, or if you want to place an order by phone, please give us a call at 800-393-4508 in the US and 410-987-4212 outside the US. We are here to answer the phones all day during business hours, and the website is available 24 hours a day.