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How to Clean and Care for Suspenders

You love suspenders. They rock. However, how do you care for them? Can you wash them in the machine? Do you have to hand wash? Can suspenders go in the dryer? What suspender material should be dry cleaned?

All these questions and more can be answered by watching a short, two-minute YouTube video. Yes, "How to Clean and Care for Suspenders" will get you the answers you need about hand-washing suspenders and the correct cleaner to use as well as more pressing suspender care questions.

Dave from the SuspenderStore has all the go-to answers when it comes to suspender care and cleaning. After all, you've brought an awesome pair or two of suspenders and you want to keep them looking amazing wear after wear. Sit down and watch. You'll never wonder about whether or not you can throw your suspenders in the washer and dryer again.


Today we are going to talk about cleaning suspenders. We get a lot of calls about how to clean and care for your suspenders, so we put a section on our website just at the top right of all the pages where you can click to read more about it.

So the question we get all the time is "can I wash my suspenders?"

The answer is Yes, but the type of washing and care differs based on the type of suspenders that you have. And the keyword for caring for all the suspenders is "Gentle". And do it as little as possible.

First lets talk about the common suspenders, elastic suspenders. Most suspenders are all elastic. You can wash them, but you need to be as gentle as possible. What you want to do is:

  1. Put them in a mesh bag
  2. Wash on gentle cycle. By hand would even be better.
  3. Use cool water, not hot.
  4. Mild detergent, no bleach.
  5. Air dry, NO DRYER

We have found that Tide pens work for small spots.

For silk and cloth suspenders- take them to a dry cleaner, a professional cleaner.

For leather suspenders- there are leather care products on the market. We like

So that is a brief summary of how to clean your suspenders.