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Chain Reaction Limited Edition Braces


Unfortunately, Trafalgar has discontinued the vast majority of their Limited Edition braces.  We are looking for other high quality, limited run braces to offer in their place.  Please visit our Limited Edition page to see what is currently available.

Your link to superior fashion! Featuring a chain link design on a black background, these beautiful handwoven silk braces are a reminder we are all inexorably tied to one another and that one's actions always have an impact. Whether they make you think philosophically about life and the nature of cause and effect, or they just remind you of bicycle chains or the chain that holds your boat's anchor, these black and white suspenders will galvanize your style and keep you tethered to the forefront of fashion. 1 3/8 inches wide with 100% pure handwoven silk straps, nickel hardware, and elastic below the Y-back for a flexible fit.

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