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Bubbles Limited Edition Braces


Unfortunately, Trafalgar has discontinued the vast majority of their Limited Edition braces.  We are looking for other high quality, limited run braces to offer in their place.  Please visit our Limited Edition page to see what is currently available.

Bubbly and whimsical, these stunning hand woven silk braces are reminiscent of mermaids, festive nights drinking champagne, blowing bubbles as a child or surfacing after a refreshing dive. Whatever they remind you of, they'll be sure to bring a smile to your face whenever you wear them! The subtle shades of grey, black and beige blend well with any charcoal or black attire while lending a fresh and unique accent. These classic Limited Edition Trafalgar braces are 1 3/8 inches wide with black runner ends and elastic below the Y-back for a flexible fit.

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