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Yellow Suspenders - 1.5 Inch Wide Clip
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Yellow Suspenders - 1.5 Inch Wide Clip
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Product Information
A perfect color for the workplace, the color yellow represents boldness, confidence and creativity. An attractive fashion statement thatís sure to brighten up any office, our yellow 1.5" clip suspenders are perfect for business, formal or casual wear. Yellow is a primary color and pairs well with dark and light tones. Neutral colors also accentuate the boldness of yellow. These yellow clip on suspenders are perfect warm-weather attire, and youíll be sure to lift spirits during long summer days stuck in the office.

These cross back clip suspenders feature black leather cross patches (X-backs) for a traditional, classic look that accentuates the bold color. They also feature dressy nickel finger clips with nylon inserts. Our yellow clip on suspenders are available in 42-inch, 48-inch and 54-inch lengths to fit any sized adult. Combine style with confidence by wearing our colorful yellow suspenders.

We also carry 1.5-inch wide suspenders in 14 other solid colors from bold orange to regal purple to understated neutrals. Or try our eye-catching but conservative line of striped, polka dot and checkered patterned suspenders for a bit more fashion flair!

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