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Tape Measure Suspenders - SALE
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Tape Measure Suspenders - SALE
 Our Price: $14.95
On Sale For $9.95
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Product Information
You'll really measure up with these bright and fun tape measure suspenders! Why are they on sale you might ask? Someone had way too many of these on their hands and offered them to us at a great price so we're passing along our good fortune to you. They differ from the other Tape Measure suspenders we carry in several ways: 1) The adjuster is a slide adjuster rather than our normal move and clip style adjuster, 2) The leather cross-patch is diamond shaped rather than triangular, 3) the elastic material is a slightly darker color and more stretchy 4) the clip and its attachment piece are less heavy duty and 5) they are only available in 46-inch length (we carry our others in 42, 48 and 54-inch lengths). If you can live with those differences then you've got yourself a bargain! Available for a limited time only!

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