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No matter what they say, size matters...

No matter what they say, SIZE MATTERS! Suspenders sizing is not precise due to the amount of elasticity, adjustment capacity, and individual body shape, length and girth, whether buying pants from a catalog or suspenders online! Using a store's guidelines, you make your "best guesstimate". We recommend that, if possible, the actual measuring method be used rather than guessing by height for suspenders. OUR SUSPENDER SIZES ARE THE LENGTH OF THE SUSPENDER (IN INCHES), FULLY LET OUT.

ACTUAL MEASURING METHOD (recommended when buying Leather Suspenders or Child's Suspender, especially): Measure the distance from side-back waistline of pants for X-back, center-back waistline for Y-back, diagonally over the shoulder, to front waistline. Consider adjustment room: you want to order the size closest to your measurement, and if you like a lot of adjustment the next larger size might be your best choice. The number measurement (e.g. 42", 48", 54", etc) is the length of the suspender fully let out.

We can't guarantee fit, of course, any more than JCPenney's can guarantee that a particular size will fit even if your measurements suggest it will. We make the best recommendation we can without your having tried them on.

HEIGHT "GUESSTIMATE" METHOD if you're unable to measure: (suspender sizing is very flexible)

ELASTIC suspenders:

- 60" (XXL) for about 6'4" to about 6'9", or for the heavier guy (before ordering 60" suspenders we strongly suggest you use the Actual Measuring Method, above).

- 54" (XL) for 6'1" to about 6'5"

- 48" (L) for 5'9" to about 6'2"

- 42" (REG) for 5 ft. to about 5'9"

- 36" for about 5 yrs to about 5 ft. tall

- 30" for 2 to 5 yrs old

- 25" for about 9 months to about 24 months


PLEASE REMEMBER THAT LEATHER STRETCHES SLIGHTLY AS IT AGES in addition to becoming more supple. Keep that in mind as you decide what size you want to order.

BEST METHOD: Measure from your front belt loop to your rear center belt loop, and order the next larger size. If you can't measure, use the HEIGHT MEASURING METHOD: Horsehair, Leather (GALLUS) and Rugged Comfort sizes are:
- Medium = 42-in;
- Large = 48-in;
- Extra Large = 52-in.

Height/Guesstimate for Leather, Horsehair, Rugged Comfort and Sonny Boy if you can't measure:
- XL for 6'3" to about 6'6"
- L for 5'11" to about 6'4"
- MED for 5'10" to about 6'

Please remember that this is a GUIDE, not a guarantee they will fit, for like any clothing from a mail order shop, the only way to really know if you like the fit is to try them on.