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Red Suspenders

Note: We carry multiple styles of most of the types of red suspenders shown above - click the images to view all the available options in each category including different widths, materials, patterns, type of attachments and more!

Red is the color that best symbolizes energy, passion and action. It signifies a pioneering spirit and promotes the leadership qualities of ambition and determination. While all suspenders give the wearer a classy and distinguished appearance, red suspenders are particularly powerful and confident, especially when worn with formal black and white attire. While mixing red, white and black is a classic and chic color combination, you can also view red as a neutral and pair it with tans and blues or with green for a festive holiday look. While red is not a typical color for business attire, wearing a pair of red suspenders to work will provide a powerful and attractive accent to your look without being overstated. Our red suspenders come in many styles, including clip suspenders, button-on suspenders, striped suspenders, polka dot suspenders, plaid suspenders and glitter suspenders . We offer red suspenders in more than 30 different widths, fabrics, and designs including Christmas themed suspenders, Valentine hearts and hot chili peppers. Add some zing to your wardrobe with a pair of red suspenders in whatever style suits you best! You're sure to find exactly the right type of red suspenders at SuspenderStore!