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Leather and Western Suspenders

Leather & Western Suspenders
Sturdy and handsome, these Leather and Western Y-back suspenders give you support and style like you’ve never had!

Choose our GALLUS style (they hook to the belt loops on your pants, with "trigger snaps" - see picture) or RUGGED COMFORT (extra-sturdy Sage Green OR Black elastic strap and quality leather) with button-on attachments, belt holder for your belt to go through, or Trigger-Snap like the Galluses (trigger snaps attach to your belt loops).

And for the suspender experience of a lifetime, try our new, smooth, supple and fine HORSEHAIR suspenders!

SIZE GUIDE Suspenders sizing is not precise due to the amount of elasticity, adjustment capacity, and individual body shape, length and girth, whether buying pants from a catalog or suspenders online! Using a store's guidelines, you make your "best guesstimate". We recommend that, if possible, the actual measuring method be used rather than guessing by height: Measure from your front belt loop to your rear center belt loop and order the size that matches your measurement most closely. If you can't measure, see size guide with each style. PLEASE REMEMBER THAT LEATHER STRETCHES SLIGHTLY AS IT AGES in addition to becoming more supple. Keep that in mind as you decide what size you want to order.