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Green Suspenders

Note: We carry multiple styles of most of the types of green suspenders shown above - click the images to view all the available options in each category including different widths, materials, patterns, type of attachments and more!

Did you know there are more shades of green than any other color? Because there are so many different shades available, Suspender Store carries a wide variety of green suspenders from dark hunter green suspenders, to muted olive green suspenders, to bright neon green suspenders. We also carry emerald green suspenders for Saint Patrick's day, and Christmas green suspenders perfect for the holidays. Because green contains equal amounts of yellow, a warm color, and blue, a cool color, in color psychology green is known for promoting tranquility and calmness through the sense of harmony and balance it conveys. Green is also the color of growth, nature, spring, hope, prosperity and abundance.

Green suspenders are easy to incorporate into your wardrobe. Light and fresh greens are perfect for spring and summer and will give a clean, refreshing spark to your attire, while darker greens are well suited for the fall and winter months. Olive green suspenders go very well with beige, brown and black and also surprisingly well with a dark purple, such as eggplant or plum, and many hues of pink. Darker shades like our hunter green suspenders coordinate nicely with beige, ivory, burgundy, gray and brown. Kelly green suspenders go beautifully with black, are super-sharp with white and also work nicely with darker purples and blues. As green is the color of leaves, you can take your cues from nature and mix your green suspenders with shirts and pants that are in natural earth tones for an elegant and natural, earthy look. However and whenever you wear them, our green suspenders will add a touch of harmony and prosperity to your attire throughout the year.