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12 Gauge Western All Leather Suspenders
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12 Gauge Western All-Leather Suspenders
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Made from top-grain, heavy duty cowhide, these leather suspenders are a cowboy’s dream. The supple and neatly crafted leather pairs perfectly with the burnished brass trigger snaps, making these Western leather galluses an ideal addition to your Old West look. A tailored Y-back with a stitched leather cross patch adds comfort and style to the back portion. These 1.25-inch all-leather suspender straps have been handsomely outfitted with a stylish and versatile brass buckle and various eyelets for adjustability, so you get a frontier look with the added bonus of supreme sensibility.

What really makes these plain brown galluses stand out, though, is the 12-guage shell casing that adorns the leather strap. This unique addition makes these galluses incredibly authoritative and no-nonsense, making them a perfect addition to your ranch hand or Western style outfit. These stylish suspenders are available in three sizes, including medium, large and extra-large - please refer to our size guide below so you get a secure and comfortable fit for all-day wear.


The size of our 12-Gauge Western Leather Galluses can be adjusted on the front by setting the buckle strap and on the back by adjusting the length of the elastic section. In total, these adjustments can result in a 6-8 inch range in the length of the suspenders.

To determine which size to order, take a tape measure and measure from the center of the back where the suspenders will attach to the pants, diagonally up over one shoulder, and then straight down the side of the chest to where the suspenders will attach to the pants on that front side. This is your suspender measurement in inches. Look up this measurement in the chart below to see which size to order.

Medium	        39  44 Inches
Large 		41  46 Inches
X-Large 	43  47 Inches
There is some overlap in the potential lengths of each size. If in doubt, remember that leather may stretch slightly as it ages and order the size that will provide you with the ability to shorten the suspender in the future, while also providing you adequate initial adjustability. If for instance your suspender measurement is 38 inches, you should order a Medium rather than a large suspender.

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