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Perry Belt-Clip Suspenders - Attach to Your Belt!

Perry (Belt Clip) Suspenders
PERRY BELT CLIP SUSPENDERS - WEAR YOUR BELT AND YOUR SUSPENDERS TOO! These non-metallic suspenders are absolutely guaranteed to hold up just about anything you want to hook them to - provided of course that you can wear it around your waist! With a space-age plastic hook (the famous "Perry" grip) that grips your belt, these elastic suspenders with Y-back and Perry leather patch come in a variety of solid colors that look great with anything. Now available in both 2" and 1.5" widths, and NEW 2" wide SIDE Clip style, these suspenders come in 42", 48", 54", and even 60" for the Big Guys (and check out our Big & Tall Guy suspenders at the Big & Tall page ) Perry suspenders work with belts up to 1.5 inches in width and make make a great airport-friendly duo when combined with our BuzzNot Travel Belt!

Perry belt-clip suspenders at the SuspenderStore are adding fashion versatility to men's wardrobes around the country. These smartly designed suspenders from the guys at Perry Products can be worn with your belt, too.

Here's how these fashion-forward suspenders work. The Y-back suspenders have sturdy square-shaped plastic grips designed to fit over a standard belt in front and back. They hold just as securely as traditional metal clip and button attachment suspender sets. They work with belt sizes up to 1.5 inches in width.

We carry popular Perry suspenders in 1.5-inch and 2-inch widths. They're also available in side clip style with one grip on each side instead of the usual with two grips on the front and one grip on the  back. Chose our standard lengths of 42, 48 or 54 inches. For big and tall guys, we also carry a 60-inch length in suspenders with square Perry hooks.

Guys are giving rave reviews to the convenience of these Perry suspenders. Wear them with our Buzz-Not travel belt with sturdy plastic belt buckles and "hardware," and you won't set off the metal detectors at airports. When you're wearing a sweater over your button-down shirt and want to change pants, just unclip them without having to remove your sweater.

Our Perry suspenders in 1.5-inch and 2-inch widths come in solid colors ranging from black and navy blue to burgundy, red and tan. Just click on the color and length you want. Choose one in a dark shade and another Perry belt-clip suspender set in a lighter neutral shade to give yourself dozens of potential looks with your existing shirts and pants.

Our Perry belt-clip suspenders are also available in eight novelty patterns to show off your fun side. Wear our bright yellow and black tape measure Perry suspenders to the office or job site. We've got great patterns for weekend gardeners and patriotic looks with our U.S. flag pattern suspenders.

Show them you're a fashion barracuda with our mixed fish on blue suspenders with Perry clips. Browse our line of shirt suspenders with fisherman, rainbow, handyman and flames patterns. These suspenders are available in 42, 48 and 54-inch lengths in a 2-inch width.