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Ease past metal detectors!

Airport Friendly Suspenders & Belts
METAL DETECTORS? NO PROBLEM! Airport-friendly no-metal travel suspenders speed you through metal detectors with your pants up and your dignity intact! These airport suspenders are our very own suspenders design, made in the U.S. with easy-care, washable materials to keep them in tip-top shape during intense travel. Our airport-friendly suspenders for men and women are available in 42", 48", 54" and Big/Tall 60".

Skiing? Snowboarding? Bicycling? These are the suspenders for you! Tough, strong, no-metal clips will grip your pants tight without tearing the material.

Not a fan of suspenders?  Check out our own BuzzNot Leather Travel Belt or our ECONOBUZZ Travel belt. Our Econobuzz belts are made with strong, dependable hold-up and ease of movement fabric to help quickly get you through those pesky metal gates.  And our Buzznot Leather Travel Belts are made from high quality leather and secure with a long Velcro strip instead of a metal buckle for the ultimate in flexible sizing and quick dressing.  What more could you want in a travel belt? No metal, exceptional style and a fantastic value make SuspenderStore's travel-friendly belts and suspenders serious winners. Rock your non-metal suspenders with a belt made of sleek leather for that classic look without the hassle while traveling.

Want to wear both suspenders and a belt?  Try pairing one of our travel belts with a Perry Belt Clip suspender.  These ingenious suspenders feature a sturdy plastic clip designed to attach to any belt up to 1 ½ inches wide.  Available in a large variety of solid colors, fun patterns and in either 1 ½ inch or 2 inch widths, our belt clip suspenders are also metal-free.

Going through airport security can be inconvenient and annoying when your go-to belt or suspenders have metal details that raise the alarm. SuspenderStore offers convenient, non-metal alternatives that will keep you looking your best and feeling your most comfortable, without worrying about removing your accessories when going through metal detectors. These innovative airport-friendly belts and suspenders contain absolutely no metal at the straps or the attachments, so you can keep them on while going through security and shave precious minutes off of your time before your flight.

Shop SuspenderStore's wide selection of suspenders and belts with no metal and you'll find options that look just like more traditional versions at prices that are just as affordable. From supple leather belts to X-back and Y-back suspenders, you can create the look that you love without the annoying metal details with our airport-friendly belts and suspenders in a variety of styles and colors. Coordinate a matching look with an airport-friendly belt with belt clip suspenders so that you look your best while you're taking big adventures for work or play.