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How to Find The Best Pair Of Big And Tall Suspenders

Don't think that suspenders aren't for big and tall guys. Sit down and watch "How to Find the Best Pair of Big and Tall Suspenders" on YouTube and you'll never be fooled by the one-size-fits-all store suspenders again. Unlike most department stores, the SuspenderStore carries 60 inch suspenders that are specifically designed for the big and tall set.

Dave from the SuspenderStore will give you the long and short on their suspender selection in sixty inches. Now, remember suspenders can only be shortened, not lengthened. So, you don't want to try and squeeze into what most department stores carry, which is the more common 48 inch length.

When you watch the SuspenderStore's YouTube video on big and tall suspenders, you will learn exactly how suspender length is measured. Then, you'll understand why they won't quite work for you big and tall guys.

You'll also discover all the cool styles of suspenders that they have in the 60 inch range that includes work, sideclip, dress, button and more. Why there are even airport-friendly suspenders that won't set off the metal detectors when you fly. So, what are you waiting for? Go watch!


Today we are going to talk about Big and Tall Suspenders - suspenders for the really BIG guys.

Most stores are only going to carry one size suspenders - that would be 46 or 48 inches long. The suspenders are measured from tip to tip, and the given size is the length of the suspenders fully extended, fully let out.

48 inch long suspenders, which we also call Large, fit most guys between say about 5"8" and 6'1" or 6'2". Of course it all depends on their build. You can have a guy who is 5'10" and weighs 240, and they might be too short for him. I'm 5'9" weigh 175, I am wearing 48s.

The next larger size above the 48 inch long suspenders are 54 inch suspenders. Manny the mannequin here is wearing those. Manny is 6'2" tall and medium build. You can see where the adjusters end up on him.

Now this is important - if a store is claiming to carry "Big and Tall" suspenders, it almost always means that they are carrying 52 or 54 inch suspenders. They call them "Big and Tall", we call them "Extra Large".

54 inch long suspenders will fit someone who is up to about 6'5" of medium build. We have a wide selection of suspenders in the 54 inch length, probably more than anyone. So once again, what everyone else calls Big and Tall we call Extra Large.

Our Big and Tall is bigger and taller than anyone else's. Those suspenders are 60 inches long. They are for guys who are taller than 6'5", or maybe over 6 feet and very large of build.

We carry basic colors in the 60 inch length, in a variety of styles, including 2 inch wide and 1.5 inch wide Clip suspenders, Button suspenders, Airport Friendly suspenders, Perry Belt Clip suspenders, Side Clip suspenders, and Work suspenders.

We are in the process of expanding our color selections in some of these categories.

Also many of our Hand Tooled leather western suspenders are available to be custom made for really big guys for a modest extra fee.

So that is the long and short of it regarding our Big and Tall suspenders.