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Undergarment Suspenders - Airport Friendly SIDE CLIP
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Undergarment Suspenders - Airport Friendly SIDE CLIP
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Product Information
New! Perfect for frequent travelers! Our airport friendly, no buzz, undergarment side clip suspenders are super comfortable, won't set off metal detectors AND the clips won't dig into your back as you sit during long journeys! Made with ultra soft elastic material similar to an ace bandage, these suspenders won't rub or chaff when worn next to your skin or over an undershirt - so you can get the functionality of a suspender without the world knowing you are wearing them. Like all of our airport friendly suspenders, our ingenious all plastic buzz not clips are easy to snap on and off and will not set off alarms at security check points. And now - our new side clip design provides additional wearer comfort with two clips (instead of four) that attach to the sides of your pants (instead of the front and back like traditional suspenders). These 1.5 inch wide suspenders are easy to slip on and off when getting dressed and easy to clip and unclip when necessary for trips to the john. Bon voyage!

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